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Amazing Apple.

I love how apple solutions are so elegant. The new iOS update is especially so.

It is obvious that the company has their focus on the user’s experience rather than just the fastest and best hardware. The validation of Apple’s plan is through the sheer number of products they have sold. When I think mobile phones, I think iPhone. When I think music players, I think iPods. There are plenty of other products out there but the experience has been so pleasant.

With the new software update to all mobile products (iPhones, iPods and iPads) Apple have really out done themselves. They have 200 new features but there are two or three which will I am really looking forward to. 

1. Getting rid of wires.

  • Backup data through WiFi
  • Do not need a computer to set up products
  • Transfer music, movies and photos

Wires clutter up your desk and can be lost.

2. iMessage

  • Allows free messaging between iDevices (aka WhatsApp)
  • Group messaging as well

Makes the iPhone more exclusive. Much along the likes of their ad campaign: “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone.”

3. New notifications

  • More details from lock and home screen
  • Cleans up your screen

Encourages more use of iPhone and more apps to make use of this function.

I cannot wait for the release this Spring. While none of these features are new or world breaking, it is opening the eyes of many to the ability of modern technologies. The accessibility and ease of use of all iProducts will quicken the arrival of the future.


Overrating is overrated and underrating is underrated

Saving and Mental Health: Federal Budget 2011-2012


The overall response to the federal budget has been very muted with what I feel to be much relief to the under-siege government.

I do not quite understand why so much has been cut and what their obsession with ‘surplus’. There are not any rapidly growing businesses or investors who are not in massive debt. Also with the looming unsupported carbon tax on the horizon, there is much discussion and scrutiny of the budget to be have in the coming weeks to months.

Health is an important topic to me and here is a quick summary (from source):

Health and hospitals

  • Guaranteed $16.4 billion for public hospitals over six years
  • $717 million improving diagnostic services and making medicines cheaper

Mental health

  • $2.2 billion over five years delivering on mental health reform. $1.5 billion is new money
  • $442 million to tackle suicide, $492 million for early intervention, $220 million for primary care, $571 million for one contact point
  • A new national commission, new Headspace sites and a partnership with the states

The money for health and hospitals are continuing on the government’s election promise to deliver more beds, modernise hospitals and provide an online record for every patient. I have not looked at their plan for exactly what they would be spending money on but it does look as though they are delivering on that promise.

The money they will be invested in mental health is very impressive. Soon I will be writing about my views on mental health in modern society but for now; acknowledgement of this dynamic issue, through huge government funding, is an important and strong first step. 

I love the money being invested in contact points for those suffering but the biggest challenge ahead will be empowering everyone with the ability to recognise and the courage to act in the face of mental health.


Working is procrastinating from living life.

Today I saw Source Code and while seeing unimpressive trailers beforehand, I had a surprisingly fresh experience. It has taken me at least an hour to get my bearings back and realise that I am in fact living my life and that I do not have the ability to time travel. The film does so much with so little! Only a few principal characters and only two or three major sets. There is seamless transition throughout and my and my dissociation from the moment is not due to confusion. The way I got to engross myself in someone else’s life is one of the reason why I like going to the pictures !

Beyond the Froth

Over the past year I have brewed over my motivations for one of my favourite hobbies, drinking coffee. What drinking coffee has given me is much more than widened eyes and occasional shakes, it has shown me the way to a new lifestyle.

I never "need a coffee", as I do not place value in its chemical reaction. I drink for the taste and for the experiences that come with it. My emphasis on taste means that I will not drink instant or from a place that disagrees on my palate. Pretentious? Definitely.

The popularity of places like Starbucks where take-away large cups of coffee are its speciality, is an insight into the value of coffee in society. This does not provide the experience that I could take heart in. I love having a coffee alone because I can let the world pass by which provides a sense of liberation that I seem to misplace when I am "doing stuff"

A friend once told me that you should take a girl that you are pursuing out to coffee as the increased heart rate from caffeine provides a similar experience of "being in love". Pounding heart or not, having a coffee with others is a very pure activity where one can attempt to enjoy each other’s company and conversation. 

Basically, this is what it boils down to, having a coffee puts me in a strong position where I can appreciate the art of conversation; whether with others or with my inner mind.

I never need a coffee rather I just really want one ! 

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?
— Albert Einstein